Taddy Blazusiak switching to GAS GAS!!

Is not just a rummor anymore, Taddy Blazusiak will be racing for GAS GAS on an Enduro bike! Is the era of carburetors still living or the new Gas Gas will be a red KTM with TPI tech??

JOACHIM SAUER explains for that Taddy Blazusiak will switch to GasGas (red bike as he said) and he will ride the Enduro bike, probably in FIM SuperEnduro World Championship and why not in the WESS?

Laiz Sanz will race Dakar also on the red bike and Glen Coldenhoff will ride the MX bike. Also a big news are that Albert Cabestany will remain on the trial bike.

In the end of the interview JOACHIM SAUER says that the bike will be on a “KTM PLATFORM” and for sure will have a WP suspension…

Foto: Mihai Birca