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Enduro GP Muddy Hell 👑 Steve Holcombe 👑 2020 World Champion by Jaume Soler

Best of Day 2 Mud Party, Crash & Show at EnduroGP Portugal II at Marco de Canaveses, with a dramatic final for Brad Freeman, who lost the championship in the last special with engine problems and lack of fuel. Finally, Steve Holcombe is your 2020 EnduroGP World Champion!! Enjoy the drama and emotions 😉

World Championships:
EnduroGP: Steve Holcombe (Beta #70)
E1: Andrea Verona (TM #99)
E2: Steve Holcombe (Beta #70)
E3: Brad Freeman (Beta #12)
Junior & Junior 2: Hamish McDonald (Sherco #76)
Junior 1: Roni Kytonen (Honda #91)
Youth: Sergio Navarro (Husqvarna #27)

0:00 Best Enduro Action
5:35 Holcombe celebration & Freeman drama
7:36 More action!!
10:50 Sergio Navarro glory
12:44 Back to the action!
16:37 Verona title & Podiums