VIDEO. Uncle Hard Enduro 2022 – DAY 1 HIGHLIGHTS

The Indonesian Hard Enduro Race, Uncle Hard Enduro 2022, was held on between 25-27 November in South Borneo, Kiram Park and some of the world’s best riders, including Graham Jarvis, Mario Roman, Alfredo Gomez and Wade Young, were invited.

Uncle Hard Enduro 2022 Day 1 Results

  • 1st Teodor Kabakchiev
  • 2nd Alfredo Gomez
  • 3rd Graham Jarvis
  • 4th Michael Walkner
  • 5th Mario Roman
  • 6th Matthew Green
  • 7th Wade Young
  • 8th Dieter Rudolf
  • 9th Kyle Flanagan
  • 10th Mike Skinner

Video: Enduro Life Media