VIDEO. The Ball Breaker Extreme Enduro 2020

RAW ENDURO hosts The Ball Breaker Extreme Enduro 2020 set in the rural part of Lancashire

With all natural terrian the riders faced a gruelling 2hrs 30min Plus 1 Lap with strong wind and heavy rain flowing streams and tricky trail type sections the riders battled there way through what turned out to be on the best U.K Extreme Enduro’s of 2020.

Pro Class Results:
Pos Name Laps Time
1 William HOARE. 7 02:50:49
2 Jack SPENCER 7 02:55:44
3 Joe DEAKIN 6 02:36:45

Expert Class Results
Pos Name Laps. Time
1 Joe DAWSON 5 02:34:39
2 Aled PRICE 5 02:35:43
3 Richard MOORHOUSE 5 02:41:06