When Hard Enduro gets tough! Jozsa Norbert wins the hardest day of 2022 Romanian Hard Enduro series!

ZITNIK Ondrej can be called a HERO, with 8h and 44 minutes of riding!

When the a race is made by PRO riders, you have to expert a hard race. Hard Enduro Poiana Rusca had one of the hardest, longest, most beautiful, or whatever you want to call-it in the 2022 Romanian Hard Enduro series! Raul Patrau and Ovidiu Lascus must be sleeping now with a big smile on they’re faces!

Master Bike Cluj’s rider Jozsa Norbert didn’t ride for a good amount of time, and being back in action at Poiana Rusca, made him feel every body muscle after 100 km of riding and 4 hour and 42 minutes on his GASGAS!

“I’m glad I took the lead right after start and I rode alone all day long. The track was really hard, wet in some places and my mousse + tire choice was bad. I had to push even in the EXPERT section, and on the PRO loops was carnage! Managed to get a nice gap, about 55 minutes.” said the Norbi.

A great result comes from Ciprian Codrut Furtuna, who is in second place. “I had a great day. Starting from 8th place and coming in 2nd after more than 5 hours and a half made me feel good even if the track was really hard! Tomorow is a new day, and I will fight to keep my position!”

In third is Ciprian’s tem-mate, Varga Zsolt with 5 hours and 35 minutes of riding! The last PRO with al CP completed had 8h:44minutes on the pegs, and he’s a hero called ZITNIK Ondrej!

Zdenek Cyprian came back at the race lead while Stroisteanu Bart is now in second. Looks like the hard days are not what MARSALEK Richard like, but still he is in 3rd, 5 minutes behind.

Crazy or not, Maria Grigoras maintained 7th place in Hobby Class, after 3h 28min on the bike and now she leads the Girls class with 57 minutes gap!

WISNIEWSKI Konrad has a 3 minute lead in front of COCHLAR Daniel while MARIN Raul Marian is in Top3 in EXPERT Class.

HAMBĂȘAN Vlad Casian is now leading the HOBBY Class and the young Hungarian, Kornel Ott Jun. is 11 minutes behind! KUBOVY Matyas is 3rd.

Maciej Loboz wins Hard Enduro Poiana Rusca PROLOGUE, Jozsa Norbert 2nd! MARSALEK Richard impressive in VET Class!