Maciej Loboz wins Hard Enduro Poiana Rusca PROLOGUE, Jozsa Norbert 2nd! MARSALEK Richard impressive in VET Class!

Not the start I wanted, but this is racing! – Jozsa Norbert #32

The Prologue Hard Enduro Poiana Rusca is won by Maciej Loboz with only 17 seconds in front of Jozsa Norbert Levente, the Master Bike Cluj rider, and in 3rd place we have a rider from Bulgaria, Ivanov Lubomir.

For Norbi, the race didn’t start exactly as it should, he had a bad crash 5 minutes after the start. “After 5 minutes from the start, I had an unpleasant contact with the ground. I chose with some beautiful jolts. The day was short, today will be interesting, when the real race starts” declares the rider supported by GASGAS Romania.

The surprise comes again from the VETERANS Class where MARSALEK Richard manages the impossible, to beat Zdenek Cyprian! On third, behind the Slovaks, is Stroisteanu Bart. “Somehow I’m happy, even if now I’m on 3, someone appears and beats Zdenek!, declares Bart, laughing. “Even if it was a short day, I had a great route, very well marked, with all the elements from Hard Enduro!

Even if the route for Hobby was a little more difficult, it was to the liking of the riders, but also of Maria Grigoras, who, at the end of the day, also wins the Girls’ class, but is also in 7th place at Hobby! The Mares sisters, Celine and Alyssa, are in the Top3.

WISNIEWSKI Konrad wins EXPERT followed by MIHALACHE Marius Fabian. COCHLAR Daniel is third, and Master Bike Cluj rider ILYEȘ Zakord Szilveszter is fourth. Andrei Botoaca also enters the Top 5.

VASUT Michal is the fastest at Hobby by one and a half minutes compared to KUBOVY Matyas. On three STERP Elijah. STURZA Alexandru Gabriel and STOLAR Lukas enter the Top5.

Today the riders are already in the forest, facing a difficult route! We’ll be back with details tonight!