Jozsa Norbert Levente wins Hard Enduro Poiana Rusca with 1 hour gap!

Impressive ride by Kornel Ott and Maria Grigoras, the wonder kids of Hard Enduro!

It was just a a formality for Master Bike Cluj’s rider, Jozsa Norbert Levente to get the win at Hard Enduro Poiana Rusca. The rider supported by GASGAS Motorcycles Romania got the overall win with 1 hour gap!

Norbert started the last day first and and fist was also in the finish line. “Today I rode without taking any risks. From Start to Finish I rode all by myself and kept my own peace. I like to thank to organizers and to my racing buddy, Raul Patrau for such a nice race, with a real Hard Enduro track! Next race for me is Hard Enduro Targu Neamt where for sure thing will be spicy because rain is announced! Looking forward to that!”

Maciej Loboz had some ups and downs in the rankings during the race, but in the end the Beta Rider managed to secure second place with almost 9 hours and 20 minutes of riding time!

A fought place on the box was between two NordicaMoto’s teammates, Varga Zsolt and Ciprian Codrut Furtuna, in the end Varga Zsolt is 18 minutes faster. “To be honest, after Romaniacs I didn’t really have much time for training, and Hard Enduro Poiana Rusca turned out to be a very hard race! I also had a pretty bad crash, I’m glad that in the end I managed to get on the podium!” declared Varga Zsolt.

Impressive ride by Kornel Ott and Maria Grigoras, the wonder kids of Hard Enduro!

Another impressive ride is made by Maria Grigoras – Master Bike Cluj and Kornel Ott Junior, both so young and keeping with the boys in a such a hard race! At just 14 years old, Maria had 6 hours and 48 minutes of riding time, 1 hour faster than the any girl in the race, and with a 7th place in HOBBY class, faster than other 48 riders!

Kornel Ott had to fight at just 13 years old with Vlad Casian, another young rider, in the end Vlad is 11 minutes faster than the Hungarian rider. In 3rd place KUBOVY Matyas.

Expert Class is won by COCHLAR Daniel from Czech Repulic, while WISNIEWSKI Konrad is 2nd. BOTOACĂ Andrei after 3 hard, hard days managed to get the podium with almost 8 hours on the bike! ILYEȘ Zakord Szilveszter and MARIN Raul Marian are in Top5!

The VETERANS had plenty of action. After winning the prologue, MARSALEK Richard got 3rd in second day, and somehow has found the power to push hard today, getting 2nd overall, in front of Master Bike Cluj’s Stroisteanu Bart! “I have a problem with these Czechs, sir! A crazy, beautiful race, I’m glad I made it all the way to the last day and managed to keep the club’s colors on the podium, the rest doesn’t even matter!” As a rule, Zdenek Cyprian has another win in the Romanian Hard Enduro Championship with 8 hours and 3 minutes of rinding!