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VIDEO. Wade Young’s 2018 Hard Enduro Season Highligts

South African Hard enduro & Extreme enduro rider Wade Young of Sherco Factory Racing had an amazing season throughout 2018. He had an excellent second half for the season 2018 and won 6 races.

His WESS adventure did not last long and only competed in 4 rounds of it, Extreme XL Lagares (P7) – Erzberg Rodeo (P4) – Red Bull Romaniacs (P1) – Red Bull Megawatt (P1). He was the only rider who won 2 races in iRide WESS’s first ever season and it would be a different overall standings if the team hadn’t decided not to compete in WESS after Red Bull 111 Megawatt. In this video you are going to watch footages from;

✦ King of the Hill Hard Enduro Race: P1

✦ 24MX Alestrem Hard Enduro Race: P2

✦ Hell’s Gate Hard Enduro Race: DNF

✦ Extreme XL Lagares Extreme Enduro Race: P7

✦ Erzberg Rodeo 2018 Extreme Enduro Race: P4

✦ Red Bull Romaniacs 2018 Hard Enduro Rallye: P1

✦ Sea to Sky 2018 Hard Enduro Race: P1

✦ Getzen Rodeo 2018 Extreme Enduro Race: P11