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VIDEO. UNCLE HARD ENDURO 2022 – A comeback for the WIN for Teodor Kabakchiev

Uncle Hard Enduro 2022 brought up the worlds most talented riders for a breath-taking Indonesian challenge in Kiram Park, South Borneo. After Day 1’s Prologue we jumped into the Day 2 where the riders must complete 3 laps through a wide loop.

Coming back from injury, Teodor Kabakchiev put some work in it Today and proved himself once again. Young Bulgarian became known as a power house for events like this and as a result of a brilliant ride, he brought the P1 home. Teodor cleared more than 7 minutes against his closest rival.

The rest of the pack had a close fight to each other but it was Alfredo Gomez and Graham Jarvis who completed the Top 3.

Video: Enduro Life Media