Romanian Hard Enduro 2023 RACE CALENDAR is announced!

2023 Hard Enduro Calendar

The 2023 Romanian Hard Enduro season will have 7 races that will search the ultimate Hard Enduro Rider! If last year the Championship had 9 races, this year are less, probably a little bit better for riders, to get the budget and ride all season.

  • Arsenal Hard Enduro – Costești. 21-23 April

  • EnduroPanorama – Ghelari. 03-06 May

  • X-Cape Hard Enduro – Comănești. 19-21 May

  • Hard Enduro Poiana Ruscă – Ciuplaz. 09-11 June

  • Hard Enduro Piatra Craiului – Zărnești. 23-25 June

  • Ditrock Hard Enduro – Ditrău. 14-16 July

    • Red Bull Romaniacs. HEWC Rd.4 – Sibiu. 25-29 July

  • Golden Mountain – Băița. 06-08 October

Make sure you book you races in time, your accomodation, and prepare your shiny gear, we’ll be there for most of the races to get you on camera!! – Follow us on YouTube: !