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VIDEO. Extreme Enduro FENIX 2021 – HIGHLIGHTS, Kevin Gallas took the win!

Balkans Extreme Enduro Championship’s 2021 season opener Extreme Enduro Fenix took place in the beautiful town of Kresevo, Bosnia-Herzigovina. Not having any factory teams and their riders Kevin Gallas was the hot shot of the whole week.


Racing weekend started with a superenduro event on Friday and then continued with an enduro test on Saturday which had 4 specials in it. Sunday featured the Extreme Test through the Bosnian wilderness and the track was harder than expected with a couple technical sectors in it. In the end Kevin was the fastest to reach chequered flag in 1:47:40.319.

Extreme Enduro “Fenix” 2021 Pro Podium
1 Kevin Gallas
2 Miha Špindler
3 Florian Salbrechter