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VIDEO. British Extreme Enduro 2022 Round 2 Cowm Quarry – Billy Bolt wins!

The action at the ACU’s British Extreme Enduro 2022 Championship resumed with Round 2 Cowm Quarry in Rochdale under very un-British weather conditions. The course at the Cowm Leisure Off-Road centre was bone dry and the sun was warming as a day left from summer.

Billy Bolt took no rest after season closure back-to-back Super Enduro GPs in Germany, where he got his second consecutive championship title, and came all the way home for British Extreme. He had a flawless day of riding without pushing it too hard and tackled with William Hoare, early leader, quite a while. Getting close to the chequered flag Billy took the lead and came in as the victor of Rd 2 Cowm Quarry.

William Hoare had a great performance against Billy and the challenge they had gave buzz to the British fans. He took the early lead and kept it going till the 5th lap, where he lost it against Bolt. He than pushed it hard but came in P2 with only 1m12s behind.

Jack Price finished the race with P3 and Paul Bolton P4. The top four were the only ones who completed 9 laps within the 2h30m window.

Text, Video: Enduro Life Media