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KTM Short Clutch/Brake foldable levers with 50% easier pull than OEM. FM PARTS

We put to the test KTM levers. OEM vs FM PARTS short/foldable levers.
The force needed to pull the clutch for FM PARTS levers is almost half of the force you need to pull the stock KTM clutch lever.

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‼‼ At only 49.58 EURO for a pair of levers, we must say, this is the best and cheap solution for an easy clutch pull for your dirtbike!

👉 FM PARTS KTM Short Easy Clutch levers:—frana/manete–pedale/piese-si-accesorii/enduro–motocross/–588/fm-parts-set-manete-foldabile-ktm-2015-2021-orange–251348.htm