2 out of 2 for David Cyprian in Romania! Alfredo Gomez 2nd and Ervin Kovacs tops the podium at Arsenal Hard Enduro 2020

Insane week-end on the second stage of the 2020 Hard Enduro season in Romania. This time at Costesti – Arsenal Hard Enduro. The rain made this round a special one with lots of struggling from the riders, but that’s HARD ENDURO!

Foto: – Marius Dinca

Hard Enduro Arsenal was a tough race for sure. Heavy rains made the track extremely challenging. I won prolog but the real race was the next day when heavy rain is announced all day long!” said Cyprian.

The second day of racing was a real rainy one! It was pouring all day long! “On day two I started first but Alfredo and Norbi caught me quickly and we rode together until first PRO uphill. Honestly, it was really tough! We pushed a lot because of the mud and slippy conditions. In this uphill, we dropped Norbi and continue to fight with each other. I found a better line in one of the uphills, made a small-time gap, and stayed on gas until the finish. Thanks to that I gained some advantage in the rest of the field coming into the last day. On day 3 Alfredo was quick to pass me, but we fought and switched positions between each other all day until around 10 km before finish I rotated my knee and it became very painful (hopefully nothing too serious, but I have to check that first). Afterward, I just cruised to the finish and was lucky enough to have enough time advantage from the previous day and win the competition. Overall it was a great event! Maybe the track was too hard for experts and timing could have been better (starts being postponed over an hour etc.) but besides that really nice race!

Raul Patrau – PRO. Foto: – Marius Dinca

For Alfredo Gomez, first day in the woods, was not so good. A bad mousse choice made him push the bike all day and had 20 minutes behind Cyprian. Second day was a short one, but still the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory rider managed to recover almost 10 minutes lost from day 1. In the end, Alfredo Gomez was second overall.

Foto: – Marius Dinca

I really enjoyed the week-end! After 5 months without any race and off the bike, Arsenal Hard Enduro was the perfect training for me! I’m very happy to return racing. Saturday I had some problems with my rear mousse but Sunday was a perfect day for me. Cyprian took a big advantage Saturday and I couldn’t catch him in the last day, but all in one was a good race for me, we enjoyed the rain and the mud!” said Alfredo Gomez for Zona Enduro.

Alfredo Gomez la infrumusetare dupa ziua 1 de off road la Hard Enduro Arsenal. Multi au venit cu pesti in buzunare:)) #cicaafostgreu

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The podium was completed by Master Bike Cluj’s rider Ervin Kovacs who had a strong run, mistake-free and that kept him on the podium after all 3 days of racing!

Ervin Kovacs pe una din cele mai grele urcări de la Hard Enduro Arsenal Park 2020Bravo Ervin!

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Teodor Kabakchiev had also some problems with Saturday’s rain, and he had to fight really hard for the finish line. Here’s his tyre after just 3 hours in the forest!
Gomez vs Cyprian. Arsenal Hard Enduro 2020

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