VIDEO. Michel Dumolin a Belgian biker beaten by shepherds in Bistrita, when he tried to apologize for scaring two horses

by Mos Paul 0

We are far from civilization, and the shepherds from Colibita and beyond! A Belgian was beaten yesterday by some shepherds after he went to apologize that the horses were scared by the sound of the engines.

A really shocking incident happened yesterday in Colibita. The good sense and good intention of a Belgian were “rewarded” with clubs and clubs in the head of a few shepherds in the area.

More specifically, the Belgian, together with two Bistrites, explored the beautiful area near the Colibiţa lake on motorcycles. At one point, the engines scared two horses on a pasture next to the road. The horses jerked and overturned the wagon to which they were bound. Seeing what happened, the Belgian took off the motorcycle and headed for the group of shepherds who were near the wagon. The man intended to apologize and was even willing to pay any damages.

Although the two Bistrites who accompanied him insisted not to go to “talks” with the shepherds, the Belgian left guided education and decided to apologize. Unhappy idea!

A witness in the area was surprised by the scandal with the mobile phone and the images were published by journalists at .


New details appear in the case of the Belgian beaten by shepherds. After being beaten, the shepherds would have asked for money to let him go. About two and a half hours would have been “seized” until the cops arrived. Although initially he said he did not file a complaint, today three people came to the police headquarters to report aggression.

An incident seemed to have been broken since the Stone Age took place yesterday in Colibita. It all happened at Sereţean’s fortress, Căsaru, behind the stone quarry in Poiana Andreichii.

Horses from a horse would have been frightened by the sounds of a Belgian driver and his Bistritan friends, and would have overturned the wagon they were tied to. The Belgian went into a soul to apologize and was even willing to pay. Instead he has been chosen with numerous bumps.

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