Winter is coming! Now more fun and snowmobile performance on your dirtbike with 2021 ZF Snow Kit!!

It is the second year when ZF Sprockets, one of the biggest dual-material sprocket manufacturer companies in Europe is selling a ZF Snow Bike conversion kit but now 2021 models have been improved offering more performance than ever!

The creators of the strongest sprockets on the market, ZF Company has now a SNOW BIKE KIT! Check out the new 2021 ZF SNOW BIKE Kit details.

After lots of hours in deep snow, the ZF Sproket Snow Bike conversion kit has been improved and the performance can be compared to a Snowmobile, the fun is

Now the front spindle model is lighter by 1 kg from the previous version and offers a better cornering performance in any type of snow!

What’s more important is that the rear track is 10 inches longer than the 2020 model and will give you more traction and you will not get stuck so often in powder snow!

Also, the rear ZF SNOW BIKE track assembly will come with all parts you need to make the conversion, more than that everything will fit flawlessly to any dirtbike on the market. All the materials used are coming from World’s Leading aluminum supplier also used by Airbus, Boeing, Audi.

In terms of compatibility, it is not mather what color is your bike the kit is for all off-road bikes! From Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki to TM, KTM, Beta, Husqvarna, Husaberg, Old GasGas, the future New GasGas and even for the real Husqvarnas, the old ones. Still is not compatible with Aprilia bikes.


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