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VIDEO. Pure Hard Enduro – Dreamland

We start fast and Hard , the first day of the season , testing my New Beta 300RR 2020 . A awesome and powerfull bike. Enduro team Timisoara, West Enduro team riding at Nadrag, a hardcore place to ride dirt bikes., the land of hard enduro. We was 6 boys from Timisoara and our friend Marcel from Nadrag .

This is our Motorcycle Adventures in Romanian Mountains , the perfect and Dreamland for Enduro and wild experiences. You can find here pure hard enduro area and places with some vertical madness like on Romaniacs. Extreme rivers , tanjakan extreme, tziki tzaki and tehnical climbs.

We tested this bike on lots of section, with riverbed, rock section, steap climbs .
Like Enduro Fanatics and Enduro Kex , we ride on the limit and try new and crazy stuff all time when we ride.

Beta 300 RR 2020 (Mirra me)
KTM XC 300 (Darco)
Husqvarna TE 300i (Cornel)
Husqvarna TE 300 (Marcel)
KTM EXC 300 TPI (Zoli)
KTM EXC 300 TPI (Cristi)
Beta 300 RR 2019 Racing (Sabin)