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In only a month, Piatra Neamt will become for three days the European capital of Hard Enduro. The first three editions were a totally success and this is the main reason why FIM Europe decided to introduce our competition in the continental calendar.
The forth edition of HEPN also represents the first stage in the European Cup which takes place in Romania, the second from 2014. The first stage took place in Back Cown Quarry (Great Britain) and the next two are schelduled in Storstenshojden (Sweden) and Drebach Driessbach (Germany).

Taking into how much they are prepared and the material they have for the contest, the riders from HEPN 2014 have the possibility to choose from 4 categories:

PROFI –The first 20 riders will get points for the Extreme Enduro European Cup.
ELDERS (more than 40 years old)

Wade Young King Of The Hill 2013
So far, 82 riders have announced their presence and they can enroll until the 20th of June.The repute HEPN has gained until now made that important names from this domain to come to Romania.
David Knight (UK) — Three times Enduro Clasic World Champion and the winner of The – Tough One 2014;
Paul Bolton — Rider in the world top 10, the winner at HEPN 2014 (PRO category) and Wade Young (South Africa). At only 18 years old he won the Extreme Enduro contest from Namibia, Red Bull Braveman and King of the Hill Hard Enduro in Arad, Ghioroc!

King of the Hill 2014_ StartMenzel_Bolton

Emanuel Rogojan — Who became at only 20 years old the first Romanian rider who participated at The Tough One.
The routes are marked and will go through wild areas from Gosmanului and Cernegura Mountains from Neamt County, a perfect place for hard-enduro. They are different for each category and the difficulty grows from Hobby (the easiest) to Pro (the most difficult).
The start order for the first day will be given by the Prologue from Cozla Mountain on Friday, the 20th of June, where will be seen the best riders in an extreme show.

IMG_0919 Rogojan Emanuel _

The schedule of HEPN 2014, the forth edition, 20-22 June:
FRIDAY — the 20th of June 2014
09:00 — 22:00 — Technical and administrative checks (Piatra Neamt Swimming — pool Complex)
12:00 — 14:00 — Free trainings for Prologue (Cozla Mountain)
16:00 — Prologue (Cozla Mountain)
21:00 — Prologue Prize Award
SATURDAY – the 21st of June 2014
09:00-10:00 — START DAY 1 (Piatra Neamt Swimming –pool)
12-30 — 17:30 — FINISH DAY 1 (Dacica Stronghold from Batca Doamnei)
SUNDAY — the 22ND of June
09:00-10:00 — START DAY 2 (Piatra Neamt Swimming –pool)
12:30 — 17:00 — FINISH DAY 2 (next to Piatra Neamt Swimming — pool)
19:00 — Prize Award HEPN 2014

For more information about HEPN 2014 please access our websites:
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Media Relations – HEPN 2014