VIDEO. GASGAS will change the EXPANSION CHAMBER for 2023 models? Factory Bike Spotted at Sea to Sky 2021 with major updates!!

It is not a secret anymore with the change of injectors and coming back at premix for factory bikes, but now we spotted in the last video Enduro Life posted from Sea to Sky 2021 a GASGAS with a new exhaust  !!

Foto: Enduro Life Media

Michael Walkner’s bike for sure is different from any other on the market, is a factory bike afterall, and a new change for the bike has been made!

Foto: Enduro Life Media

Now we talk about a new expansion chamber, a very small one, like Beta has on the Xtraner models. This type of exhaust is hard to hit, bent and will make the bike so, so slim!

Will this new GASGAS expansion camber make the bike more soft, more torque for the engine, easier to handle in the hard stuff? Will be this on the power parts catalog or will come standard on future GASGAS/ KTM/ HUSQVARNA bikes?