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VIDEO. ENDURO KID – 12years old Riding EXTREME – BETA300rr

He is OTT Kornel, a 12 years old boy who rides with the big Boyz… His skills are at an amazing level.

His bike is a BETA 300rr 2021, and even if she’s a little tall for him … he manages to do great on the field. He knows to ride fast trails and all kind of technique sections and hard terrain. He rides this bike only since 6 months ago… and start riding enduro this year. Before he was practicing and riding on MX tracks, motocross. And now he strat training for hard enduro races. Fearless little man👍🤘 He’s going to be the next Superstar like Graham Jarvis if he keeps this up! Best skill with enduro Boy.

#EnduroKid #hardenduroRO #MirramotoTours