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VIDEO. David Cyprian wins Ditrocks Hard Enduro 2020 in Romania

After a long wait, the races in Romania are held every week-end till late November! This week-end Ditrocks Hard Enduro had some really nice tracks and David Cyprian was the one to win the race.

Foto: Federatia Romana de Motociclism | Marius Dinca

The new prologue format was nice. One longer lap with some fast roads and one uphill. I thought that I was going really fast, but I wasn’t. So I ended up second behind Norbi (who was riding really well all weekend).

Close fight between David Cyprian and Jozsa Norbert. Foto: The Red Lynx Photography

Second day of the race has put Cyprian again in the lead, but still, Norbi was close to him all day. “First offroad day was very similar to last year. There was one very tough section called Johny Bravo, which was “no help zone”, and let me tell you: it was tough, we pushed for some time. Besides that, we had some really nice trails and technical hills. I managed to won that day, with Norbi pretty close. The last day was shorter, with some wild downhills, technical single trails steep uphills, and fast forest roads. I managed to finish first just a few seconds ahead of Norbi, which made me overall winner.

Roots, rocks and natsy uphills. The secret ingredient for Ditrocks 2020. Foto: The Red Lynx Photography

Now is the time for the long stay in Romania for David Cyprian and his father who won also the Veteran Class at Ditrocks! “In summary I really enjoyed this race. The organization was perfect, marking was top notch and the track was challenging. The only thing that bothered me a little bit was the length. The race could have been a little bit longer. But for sure, I will be back next year. In the end, I would like to say that it’s awesome that we can travel again and race in such an amazing country as Romania is. Now off to Arsenal Park Hard Enduro next weekend!

Foto: The Red Lynx Photography

For more information, videos about the race check out Ditrocks Hard Enduro 2020 Facebook page.