RESULTS. X Rocks Hard Enduro Prologue is won by Ursu Stefan!

X Rocks is a new race in the Romanian Hard Enduro races, but is a race that is bringing to life the old Hard Enduro Piatra Neamt race! A race where Graham Jarvis, when he was “young” took some nice battles with Paul Bolton, Alfredo Gomez, Jonny Walker, Wade Young and all the factory riders back in 2013… what great times!

Prolog X Rocks – Foto: Carmen Raluca

Now we hope next year to see more riders, because for sure those who aren’t at X Rocks, they will be sorry! The fastest rider today was Ursu Stefan (HARD ENDURO TG. NEAMT) and behind him, at a little over 7 minutes is Manole Vasile, his teammate. Sapunaru Adrian is in 3rd.

In the VETERAN class we have only one rider, Teodoru Cristian, but tomorrow more riders can sign in…

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