RESULTS. Dieter Rudolf wins Golden Mountain Enduro PROLOGUE. Jozsa Norbert in 17s behind!

Dieter Rudolf is back in Romania for the last race of the season, Golden Mountain Enduro! He was the fastest in the PROLOGUE and Master Bike Cluj’s rider is 17 seconds behind! Third is Ervin Kovacs (GASGAS).

Jozsa Norbert Levente – Master Bike Cluj. Golden Mountain – Foto:

Today was a fast and dusty day at Golden Mountain. Austria’s Dieter Rudolf (KTM) was the fastest rider in the field and the early crowned national champion Jozsa Norbert Levente (GASGAS) had to settle in 2nd.

Golden Mountain – Foto:

We talked with Norbi and here’s how the day was for him: “I started from dead last in the Prologue, but I managed to make some passes and be 5th at the finish line but with the second time in the rankings. After Xross Challange I was off the bike until now and my body felt that. Tomorrow is a new day!”