Projekt EMR – The Electric Dirtbike with a REAL Clutch!

EMR-Tech is a German startup that develops a fully electric competition enduro bike. The company has developed prototypes with the latest technology and optimized essential parts, such as the motor, electronics, control, software, and battery, for the overall concept.

The EMR Bike is currently based on the chassis of a Honda CRF 450, whose powertrain has been replaced by a completely newly developed electric powertrain. The bike has a real clutch, and its traction control (TCC) works without external sensors that can be damaged, making it extremely reliable. The bike has a hot-swappable battery, and the battery lasts safely for 30 minutes plus 2 laps in motocross, around 70 to 90 minutes on classic enduro style tracks, and up to over 200 minutes in hard enduro races.

The traction control and the motor’s inertia make driving in slippery conditions much easier and reliably prevent fails. The bike can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner and can be adapted to the needs of the rider in many ways.

We had a chat with the guys, and the plans are big! The prototype is tested under hard conditions, with top rider with Romaniacs, Getzen Rodeo and other infamous Hard Enduro races finishes, and the main goal is to be competitive with the combustion bikes, in a race, not on the sheets.

Traction – the most wanted element in Hard Enduro!

The bike detects within microseconds (yes, that’s a millionth of a second) whether there is a loss of traction and how much. Based on this, it adjusts the torque to the wheel accordingly. However, the ECU still allow some wheel spin, since none is not good either. This not only make it easier to ride in mud and slippery conditions but allows to gain battery range.

How the engine feels?

Like a 300cc 2 stroke. Normally, electric motors have little inertia, which makes them rev up very quickly when traction is lost, for example when driving over a tree root. That’s a no-go for us, because then you lose control and speed. So we have our traction control to help the rider and the motor inertia to keep the bike under control all time!

What about the clutch? So far the e-bike don’t have such a thing? Why you are keeping the classic clutch?

It’s a standard multi-disc wet clutch. The actuation is hydraulic, as on other enduro bikes. If I don’t have to shift gears, do I still need a clutch? many ask themselves. And our answer as racers is doubtless: “YES”!

There are many other situations in which we instinctively grab the clutch to save the driving situation. So we decided to offer a hydraulic clutch. By that everyone has the opportunity to decide for themselves whether and how they want to use a clutch.

Evaporative Cooling. A technology used in Formula 1.

Our motor and electronics have a special cooling technology that is much more efficient and keeps the temperature at around 80°C all the time thanks to Evaporative Cooling. We also use a new technology for the battery cooling called immersion cooling. The battery cells are cooled directly so that they cannot overheat. And we can change the battery without the need to disconnect cooling lines!

How much a bike will cost?

We know the magnitude of what the complete electric powertrain (motor, electronics, battery, wiring harness) will cost. But the prices for electronics and battery cells are not stable at the moment. In any case, it will be a little more expensive than a KTM EXC. But we do our best to come relatively close to the price of an EXC-F 500. Of course, we cannot guarantee that.

What’s next?

This season, our two prototypes should prove themselves and show that the EMR is fully competitive against classic combustion bikes!

the focus will be on the Dowatek Hardenduro Series Germany. We deliberately chose this series because there we race against classic combustion bikes. And it is precisely this direct comparison with conventional enduro bikes that we are looking for! In addition, the electric bikes are rated in a separate class, so that a comparison with the electric competition can also be made.