One more day to go and Graham Jarvis can do it again! For the 7th time, Red Bull Romaniacs winner!

A breath of oxygen and Graham Jarvis is young again! Today he wins Day 3 at Red Bull Romaniacs after a night spent at Ranca – 2000m altitude!

Since the morning Jarvis is going to be the leader of the day until Service Point where Manuel Lettenbichler opens the gas and catches up with him, making every section together. Probably the breath of oxygen taken by Jarvis at Ranca gave him new strengths, he won day 3 with almost 2 minutes in front of Letti!

The Red Bull KTM rider is now ranked 6th overall, something impressive considering the 2-hour penalty received from day one!

Mario Roman is also having a good day, reaching the finish line 3rd, 5 minutes behind Graham Jarvis and just two minutes faster than Teodor Kabakchiev. Teo impressed the entire rally, now he’s 15 minutes om front of 3rd place, so tomorrow he has only one mission, to reach the finish and will have the first podium at Red Bull Romaniacs 2022 – an extremely hard-worked result!

We also have two abandons today in GOLD class, the GASGAS Factory Racing rider, Taddy Blazusiak and the AG Racing Team rider – Alfredo Gomez. Taddy’s hand seems to have given way, with recovery and participation in Romaniacs being a little forced. Alfredo Gomez relives again the unpleasant moments of his last visit in Romania, Food Poisoning. Since day 2 he hasn’t eaten anything, living only with infusions after every day of race! Today he was forced to retire being severely dehydrated!

At Silver, Chris Birch and Fabien Poirot gave each other the whole day together. The rider from New Zealand, the promoter of the extreme “stuff” with the touring heavy bikes has tomorrow only to follow the leader and the victory comes by itself.

Also at Silver we have Andrei Botoaca who is now ranked 10th overall, and on 12th on Viorel Radu Costin, just a few minutes behind him. Mani Gyenes falls on the 14th, due to some problems with the bike!

Marius Popovici is 2nd in Bronze, followed by Edgar Silins. KTM rider Matthias Walkner is approaching the podium with the big KTM Rally Replica, so tomorrow he has to go on the premise, all or nothing!

Ovidiu Nistor led the whole race today and imposes the rhythm of the Iron class! He has a 16-minute advantage just a day before the end!

Foto: Mihai Stetcu and Attila Szabo / Red Bull Content Pool