New Aluminium Protections for RIEJU Dirtbikes are now available!

FM Parts just released new PROTECTIONS for Rieju dirtbikes, in a tight collaboration with Alfredo Gomez, the new Rieju Factory Rider!

Beside some small thing that make a big difference in a Hard Enduro race, FM-Parts has now for Rieju Dirbikes wide brake pedal tip 30% wider than OEM!

For a better grip of the bike, and to reduce arm pump, believe it or not, is the seat cover! FM Parts got you covered with one of the most grippy Rieju Seat Cover ever made!

Offset Rieju Foot Pegs are a must in Hard Enduro! 5mm back and 10mm down, this offset will give you more handling on the bike, your position will be lower and a bit in the back of the bike. Super sharp teeth will give you the perfect grip!


And lastly but not least FM Parts Radiator Guards are a must! We use them for 2 years now and our radiators look like new, not even 1mm bent! Made form the strongest aluminum and the Life time warranty, says a lot about the product! They are almost impossible to destroy!

CNC Machined in Romania the protection covers 100% of the radiator, will Increase the airflow in radiators with 40% and mud will not be trapped between radiator and protections. Used by Alfredo Gomez, Sandra Gomez, Teodor Kabakchiev, Jozsa Norbert Lenvente and many more!

Make sure you check all details on! More products to come!