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Graham Jarvis wins DAY 1 at Red Bull Romaniacs 2022! Why we are not surprised?

It is a long way to go, till the end of Red Bull Romaniacs, but what’s sure, Graham Jarvis had a mistake free ride today, starting from 11th position and finishing 1st with almost 5 minutes lead it is something!

The course today had some loops, where riders had to make some difficult climbs, multiple times, a little bit strange in Hard Enduro, but for the Silent Assassin, the difficult the climb, the more energy he got!

Photo: Peter Schluter – Hard Enduro World

Second in time is Teodor Kabakchiev. He was a little bit surprised but he did the climbs with ease. Tristan Hart and Mario Roman are 3rd respectively 4th.

Alfredo Gomez, even though he chose to start third from the start, which means a “clean” track, made the Spaniard fall to the 6th position, he being caught from behind by Mario and Jarvis.

Unfortunately for Manuel Lettenbichler, day 1 at Romaniacs is one of bad luck, he burned the clutch on the first hard climb, Babysitter. Here he loses a lot of time, about 30 minutes, but also in the Service Point where he stays to repair the bike. In the end, the favorite for the title is 17 minutes behind the leader.

In the Silver class, Chris Birch is not a minute away from the 1st place, even if he is on a KTM 500 4t! With his experience at Romaniacs, we can say that everything is “in the books”!

Matthias Walkner wins Bronze even though he is on a KTM 450 Rally, but in bronze, the route is still not that difficult, but still it’s a RALLY BIKE!