CARAPAKS – The ultimate skid plate for your 2 stroke dirbike!

CARAPAKS is a new product on the 2 stroke market, and we think is the best looking skid plate and exhaust shield ever build!


So, we talked with the producers, they are from Poland and you will have a 10% discount for every product you will buy from them, just say the magic words (ZonaEnduro) when you make the order at:

Available for:

Sherco SE-R 300 MY2017

BETA 300RR MY2017
KTM EXC 300 MY2015-2016
KTM EXC 250 MY2015-2016
KTM EXC 200 MY2015-2016

Husqvarna TE300 MY2015-2016

More than that, you will have another 10% for a preorder of the skid plate for 2017 KTM 2 stroke 300/250 models!!