The first-ever Xross Hard Enduro Rally started on Friday. This event gathered around 90 riders from various European countries, and they tackled the beautiful but challenging terrain of Zlatibor mountain. Romanian Jozsa Norbert was the fastest rider on Day 1.

The seventh edition of Xross Challenge events brought some major changes. What used to be a hard enduro race has now become a hard enduro rally that will take place on three Serbian mountains. The race’s home is now Zlatibor mountain, so naturally, on the first day of the event, riders were faced with beautiful nature and some rough landscapes on this mountain.

Nearly 90 riders started the race, and they were divided into three categories, like in previous years. Nearly 100km of tracks led through beautiful mountain landscapes, meadows, and woods, but also through streams, uphills, and downhills. The rally format allowed riders to enjoy liaison sections, where they get the chance to enjoy some easy enduro riding without time tracking. Likewise, they had a Service Zone where they could fix their bikes and get some rest before tackling the second part of the race.

Jozsa Norbert from Romania came to the Xross for the first time, victorious on Day 1 among the PRO class riders. He finished the race in 1 hour and 59 minutes.

“It was a good day, nothing too hard. It was a good day and an enjoyable ride, and I am excited about tomorrow. This is my first time at the Xross. I’ve heard that it is rocky because it is in the mountains, and it is different from my country, but I can compare it with Sea to Sky. Two separate uphills were my favorite part from today” – said Jozsa after the race.

Behind him was Toni Mulec from Slovenia and Zsolt Varga from Romania.

“I was sick one week before, so in the beginning, I didn’t have a very good feeling and flow. And even though I started the race first, I made a big mistake, and I broke the clutch, so I had to fix the clutch, and everybody passed me. I had to find my flow, I struggled a little bit with my feeling today, but hopefully, tomorrow will be better. I also got lost many times, but I am learning. This is my first time at the Xross, and I don’t have a lot of experience with the navigation, but I am happy with the process” – said Muler, who comes from Slovenia.

Markus Fasching from Austria was also riding in PRO Class, and he has a lot of experience at the Xross events.

“The weather was amazing, we woke up at 2 degrees, and now we have 17, so perfect riding conditions. The day was a bit fast for me. The river bed was the most challenging today, there was one section like a little waterfall, very, very slippery, and we had to go there with the full-throttle” – Markus shared his impressions with us.

Marko Petelin, Robert Kordez, and Joseph Seppo Suttner were the fastest riders in the EXPERT category, while in HOBBY class, the first three places went to Martin Lindtner, Bostjan Sturm, and Iztok Poljak.

“Was a very nice track, a little bit tricky, nice weather, we had fun” – Martin Lindtner said shortly after crossing the finish line.

On the second day, on Saturday, riders will ride from Zlatibor to Tara mountain and then back to Zlatibor.

On the first day of Xross Hard Enduro Rally in the afternoon hours, in the center of Zlatibor, we also had Akrapovic Giveaway. Two riders, whose numbers were pulled out of a hat, got a bike stand and a jacket from Akrapovic.