VIDEO. Jonny Walker gets a P4 in Italy – first real race in the new Beta colors! Abestone Hard Enduro

Last weekend, from Friday 9th to Sunday 11th, the first race of the Hard Enduro World Championship was held at Abetone, near Pistoia, in Tuscany.

Abestone, this is the name of the competition organized by Michele Bosi, was an absolute novelty for the Tuscan area and has attracted the attention of many fans, who came to see the riders in action along the Special Tests.

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Among the 124 starters there were many important riders who animated the race, bringing it to a very high level. Beta arrived to the race with Jonny Walker and his RR 300 2T ready to battle.

Jonny, returning to competitions after a long period of absence, immediately obtained an excellent fourth time in Saturday’s qualifying session, immediately highlighting his qualities.

Jonny Walker races at Abestone Hard Enduro in Abetone, Italy on July 9, 2021.

In the race Walker started off very aggressive and remained in 3rd position for well over half the race. However, the course designed by the organisers was extremely challenging and the 15km, for two-lap, of the Super Final put Walker to the test. Fatigue and tension led him to make a few small mistakes that dropped him to fourth position, where he finished the race just a few seconds behind its predecessor.