Teodor Kabakchiev is still the fastest rider at Ditroks 2022! How the day was for the PRO class.

Teodor Kabakchiev was the fastest rider at Ditrocks Hard Enduro after the 2nd day of racing in Ditrău!

  • Econt’s rider took also the Prologue Final where he was in front of AG Racing Team 89 rider, Alfredo Gomez. Teo lead the final from start to finish until the last lap where Gomez tried to make the pass for the win.

“I think I haven’t enjoyed racing like I enjoyed today for some time, because the tracks from the Hard Enduro World Championship are so hard for our bodies! Today I had 3 hours of riding where I rode the bike, not pushing it!” said the Bulgarian star!

  • Unfortunately for the Spaniard the day ended prematurely, at CP2. His front wheel collapsed and a spare one came to him after about an hour and a half.
  • Second in the Finish line is Master Bike Cluj’s rider, Jozsa Norbert-Levente!
  • Sonny Goggia had a good race, coming in 3rd with chances to catch the leader but he chose the wrong rubber compound. He came at the finish line with literally a slick tyre!
  • 4th rider at the Finish line is Nordicamoto’s Varga Zsolt followed by Suff Sella – AG Racing Team89 in 5th. Raul Patrau and Ciprian Furtuna are in 6th and 7th position!
  • Zdenek Cyprian still has an extra lung, he won the day in front of Stroisteanu Bart in VETERAN Class. Coming from USA, STEARNS James Andrew is 3rd!