RESULTS. David Cyprian won Hard Enduro Arsenal Prologue. Teodor Kabakchiev and Alfredo Gomez and Jozsa Norbert seconds behind!

First Day of racing at Hard Enduro Arsenal was a fast one, and full of action for all classes! Here are the results!

In the PRO class, David Cyprian was just 12 seconds faster than Teodor Kabakchiev and Alfredo Gomez – the one who opened the track is in 3rd, 38 seconds behind the leader. In 4th is Master Bike Cluj’s rider, Jozsa Norbert-Levente. In Top5 is Suff Sella – AG Racing Team rider.

“The prologue was more challenging than usual and also very wet. I started in the back and I pushed really hard from the beginning and felt great. I passed around 10 riders and claimed first. Tomorrow we are expecting an extremely difficult day, so there is still a long way to go!” said David Cyprian for Zona Enduro.

Zdenek Cyprian takes a stunning early lead, over 4 minutes and 55 seconds in front of Romania’s Veteran Hard Enduro 2021 Champion, Stroisteanu Bart. HOSTYANSZKI Tybor is in Top3.

PALUCH Joanna is the fastest girl in the Prologue followed by Mares Celine and Bittner Julia.

Back in the Hard Enduro game, Andrei Botoaca took the win 38 seconds ahead of Ilyes Zakord Szilveszter. Guiman Gheorge is 3rd in EXPERT class.

HOBBY class is lead by Bogdanescu Narcis and in 2nd is Alionescu Ioan. Asmussen Nils 3rd.