Let’s help Sandra Gomez to defend hers AMA Endurocross title

Sandra Gomez is ready to defend hers AMA EnduroCross title, but the main obstacle is the financial situation. She lost a contract with Ossa because they got broke and now for the young girl is impossible to race in America.

sandra gomez yana stancheva
Sandra Gomez – Red Bull Romaniacs 2015 – Foto Yana Stancheva

Here is a open letter from Sandra.

Yesterday Thursday October 7th, two of my close friends issued a press release about my Currently Situation. I thougth it was fair to explain it me myself after seeing your incredible reaction.

Just three races left to finish the American Endurocross Championship and I can not even pay the plane tickets. This championship has 9 races. I couldn’t race the first one in Daytona because I had no money. I paid for the other ones (travel, hotel, moto-transport and diet) by myself.

As I won some races, Husqvarna paid for some expenses without me being an official rider; and I’m very grateful for this.

Today I’m virtual leader of the classification but I haven’t got money.

I was expecting some inputs from Ossa, but they got broken, so they owe me around 10.000€ and with that money I had planned to pay this Championship.

Only 24 hours after the press releases from my friends at EnduroPro & SoyMotor, I just wanted to thank you for all your support and donations. I hope we make it and I will fight like hell to get the number one.

sandra gomez 3
Sandra Gomez – Red Bull Romaniacs 2015 – Foto Mihai Birca

If you can help a rising star, please contact Sandra on hers Facebook page: