Graham Jarvis had to call the day, due to knee injury just before the finish! Red Bull Romaniacs 2021

Bad news are coming from Damo Butler, Graham Jarvis’s mechanic, as he posted on Facebook that G-Force Jarvis is out of Romaniacs 2021!

Foto: Mihai Stetcu Photography

1 hour ago, Damo Butler posted on Facebook that Romaniacs 2021 is done for the King of the Carpathians. “That’s a wrap for 2021 RedBull Romaniacs for Graham Jarcis and myself. Just In sight of the finish of day 2 here in the mountains after the service he was running with Manuel Lettenbichler and has hit a rut in the track at speed and has damaged his knee so had to return to the service and call it a day. Such a shame as at this point they were actually tied on time for the lead overall with all to fight for.”

It is such a shame and we all hope is nothing too serious, but when Graham taps out, must be something… still, fingers crossed!