AG Racing Team ready for a new race marathon! Starting with Abestone, Ditroks, Romaniacs and finishing in the USA for TKO Hard Enduro!

It is not questionable that AG Racing Team is one of the strongest private teams in the Hard Enduro World Championship, and that shows also in the rankings!


In the PRO class Alfredo Gomez is in 4th after 3 hard stages and just 4 points are missing to be on the podium, but we are just in the beginning of the season. 5 more races and the final is in Hixapania, the place where Alfredo was on another level last year!


Team’s youngsters, Suff Sella and Marc Fernandez are shining too!

 In the overall rankings Suff Sella is in 14th place but in the Junior ranking he is 3rd just 10 points behind the leader and Marc Fernandez is right after him in 4th!

Now AG Racing Team is heading to Italy for the 4th stage of the Championship. Right after the race they are heading for Ditrocks Hard Enduro 2022! Ditrocks is quite a new race in Romania, but the tracks are insanely awesome, a real Hard Enduro race, Romanian style. It is the perfect race for many of the Romaniacs riders. Speaking of Romaniacs, the 3rd in this crazy AG Racing Team Marathon is Red Bull Romaniacs! No words needed; it’s speaking for itself!

Alfredo Gomez: “It is so crazy that we can do so many races! The best training for the whole team! I really want to thank all our sponsors, and everyone involved in the AG RACING TEAM phenomenon for making this possible. Being a private team is not easy, but we live for racing!”

HEWC Top5 after 3 rounds:

PRO Class

  1. Billy Bolt – Husqvarna – Husqvarna Factory Racing 45p
  2. Mario Roman – Sherco – Sherco Factory Racing  43p
  3. Manuel Lettenbichler – KTM – RedBull KTM Factory Racing 40p
  4. Alfredo Gomez – GASGAS – AG Racing Team 34p
  5. Wade Young – Sherco – Sherco Factory Racing 32p

Junior Class

  1. Matthew Green – KTM – Rigo Racing 40p
  2. Mitchell Brightmore – Rieju 34p
  3. Suff Sella – KTM – AG Racing Team 30p
  4. Marc Fernandez – AG Racing Team 23p
  5. Kacper Dudzic – GASGAS 21p