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Custom Sizes

You can chose from XS to real man size, XXXL! We have all sizes for you! Now you can feel comfortable even with the protections on!


We know how important is to be clean and dry when the cold morning start is on. For every 2 jerseys ordered, you will have a 10 Euro discount and for 6 jerseys ordered the discount at the final order is 60 Euro!!

High Quality

Comfortable and breathable material and life long colors durability. Hot or cold, our Jersey will make your ride enjoyable!



To order a ZonaEnduro Jersey you must complete the order form on ZonaEnduro.ro. After that you will recive a confirmation for your order sent on your email adress. In short time someone from our staff will contact you to establish the last details of you order.

NOTE: All orders are sent to the jersey factory at the end of the week, on Friday. So the customization process and shipping can last  up to 2 weeks. Ex. If you order a jersey on Monday, on Friday we send the order, and in 3-4 days we recive the final product. In the next day we ship the product to you.


To complete a ZonaEnduro Jersey you will recive via email our bank account to make the pay in advance. ORDER + SHIPPING COSTS. After we have the confirmation your order is valid.


We ship, World-Wide. The price for shipping depends on your country, but in general it costs 10 EURO/package. So is better if you have friends, to order more Jersey at once to reduce the shipping costs.


You can customize with more than name and number on the back! For this we must recive the logo in vectorial format.


King of the Hill Hard Enduro – KOTH is opening the Hard Enduro season in Romania. Riders like Graham Jarvis, Wade Young, Mario Roman, Paul Bolton, Lars Enockl, Marcus Kehr, Chris Birch, Melcior Faja, Ben Hemingway, Blake Gutzeit, David Cyprian, Kornel Nemeth… and the list continues, are just a few riders on the starting lists of KOTH. Every year, for 3 years in a row, more than 200 riders are starting KOTH, a 3 day race format – unique in the world! SuperEnduro, Hard Enduro and Cross Country race! www.heca.ro


KONAK Pension – Your place to stay if you have in plan to ride in Arad. 5 minutes away from the woods and the most important thing for riders… you can return full of mud from the forest! Also the accomodation place for HECA Enduro Tours and the Headquartes of King of the Hill Hard Enduro. Sauna, Pool, Club, Gym… al you need in one place! www.sirenne.ro/konakcomplexturistic


FAIR METALL Racing – The biggest scrap yard in Germany and also with a racing division Fair Metall is the sponsor of the biggest event in Germany, Vellahn International EnduroCross and for King of the Hill Hard Enduro 2015 PROLOGUE. Represented by Holger Dettmann is an honour to wear the logo on your riding gear! www.fair-metall.de


HECA Enduro Tours – If you are planing to ride in Romania. They are the guys to call. With more than 10 years of experience HECA guides can make you live the Romaniacs experience in short time, just ask for it! The prices are made from riders for riders! www.heca.ro


Kreditech – started as an idea for an alternate credit bureau in 2012 with the purpose to sell better scoring data to banks. It has evolved to a lending business where the subsidiaries issue small loans for short durations. Why? Because banks didn’t see the potential in that scoring approach back then. So instead of selling credit scores, the Kreditech Group started building a “bank” around the idea of a credit bureau. Based on 20,000 dynamic data points – including social networks, mobile usage, location, e-commerce data etc. – the technology today allows us to serve these customers within seconds, 24/7 through automated processes. The plan for the future ahead is to constantly create, launch, test and scale products that make it more affordable, easier, faster and more convenient to get access to a wide range of financial products. www.kreditech.com

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