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VIDEO. RevLimiter Extreme Enduro 2021 | Teodor Kabakchiev | GoPro Action

Jarvis Racing Team rider Teodor Kabakchiev showed up at the AMA RevLimiter Extreme Enduro 2021 at the Bridgeport, Texas.


Teodor’s race weekend started with a hectic qualifier which he finished with P14 and as a result he had to start in the second row. There was a lot to recover for a better overall result and he made some signature moves along with some minor mistakes. Please enjoy his GoPro footage of the race where he started in the 2nd ten and finished with P7. He finished all three moto actions with P7, P8 and P9. Teodor’s overall score was P7 in the end.

The race weekend was all about Sherco rider Coddy Webb. He won every moto action, including qualifier, throughout the weekend and claimed a clear victory.

KTM’s Trystan Hart secured the second place on the podium with a triple P2’s at the moto actions.
It was Husqvarna’s Colton Haaker who completed the Pro Men podium for the day with scoring P3, P3 and P4 at the moto 1-2-3 actions.