VIDEO. Pol Tarres Yamaha 250 PROTOTYPE for Hard Enduro!

We had to notice a special bike in Extreme XL Lagares 2021 paddock, a Yamaha 250 PROTOTYPE made for Hard Enduro. It’s Pol Tarres’s bike.

This is a huge step for Yamaha and Pol Tarres to do such extreme events with a motocross bike! We all know that the events are hard, really hard, and throwing a prototype in the battle is even harder!

“After lots of hours of working, we finished this bike. It’s a Yamaha 250 at the base, and in the future, we are planning to change the to a 300cc or 325cc engine. I am a little bit nervous about this first race with Yamaha, but I think the bike works really well! To get a Top10 and put the bike in the finish line is a big step for us, after a year with no races! This Yamaha project is amazing, we still working on the Yamaha Tenere, and we are planning to race this bike at Romaniacs, this year! Still not sure what class, but for sure we’ll do it! Our new team, Trece Racing Society has the main goal to enjoy the races and the racing lifestyle, for sure we fight for the podium, but first of all, we want to enjoy all that races bring to us!”