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Xtreme Enduro Sevlievo. 13-14 April 2019. First Enduro race in Bulgarian season.

First Enduro race in Bulgaria for this season , which will take place in Sevlievo city, Gabrovo Province is Xtreme Enduro Sevlievo. The region around Sevlievo is known for its interesting hard forest terrains and natural obstacles. And for the racing season of 2018, the race in Sevlievo had been voted for the best one in Bulgaria.

The race will be conducted on 13th and 14th of April 2019. The event will be held on the best motocross track in the world – Grand Prix of Sevlievo near Gorna Rositsa village. Both days, the competition will start from the motocross track, which will include riding on the track itself.

On the first day of the competition, the racers will be navigating in the forest on GPS route in the area of the biggest mountain in Bulgaria, which separates the country in two halves – “Stara Planina” (The old mountain). The route will include a lot of mud so be prepared to get dirty like little piglets.

The X-Cross Challenge will be on the second day, which will include a part from the motocross track and custom made elements from wood, rocks and tires. Additionally, there will be a small hill climb part.

The registration tax is 50 Euro, which will include a T-shirt and starting race number stickers . To be able to participate, you will have to have international racing license with starting permission from your federation

If there is a lot of international interest, we could organize additional tours around the area the days after the competition.

If you want to participate in the competition, please inform us early, so we could organize hotels, transportation and renting a bike, if needed.

There will be secure parking on the race track with 24/7h guards

If there are people with campers , on the race track is a huge parking lot , with free electricity for campers or caravans, man and woman bathrooms with hot water showers.

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