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VIDEO. Graham Jarvis. The KING of Hard Enduro

The British Extreme Enduro & Hard Enduro Legend Graham Jarvis made a real good start to the year 2018. He started with winning The Tough One 2018 in January.

First time he had a different strategy and swapped bikes throughout the season, for instance he picked 4T Husqy both at The Tough One and at the Hells Gate. He also did have a good start to World Ednuro Super Series (WESS). First P5 in Extreme XL Lagares and than a stunning Victory in Erzberg Rodeo. It didn’t go as preferred after than but he fought hard on the ground. He did miss the victory in Spanish Hard Enduro event Hixpania because of an unfortunate time penalty and then he showed up at German Extreme Enduro biennial Getzen Rodeo.

He was the winner of last three and was there to defend his title but it turned out to be the other way and lost the title to Manuel Lettenbicher.

He did’t show up at Sea to Sky, one of his favorite races of all, due to the tight schedule of WESS and British Extreme Enduro Championship. We wish the best of luck to the Champ in 2019.

✦ 24MX Alestrem Hard Enduro Race: 2nd

✦ The Tough One Hard Enduro Race: 1st

✦ Hell’s Gate Hard Enduro Race: 2nd

✦ Extreme XL Lagares Extreme Enduro Race: 5th

✦ Erzberg Rodeo Extreme Enduro Race: 1st

✦ Trefle Lozerien Classic Enduro: 44th

✦ Romaniacs Hard Enduro Rallye: DNF

✦ Hixpania Hard Enduro Race: 2nd

✦ Getzen Rodeo Extreme Enduro Race: 5th


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