VIDEO. Before buying a KTM TPI, find out what problems has this new engine generation

by Mos Paul 0

Before buying this KTM TPI I was really happy with my EXC300 carb.

The first problem with TPI happened when the engine started going in reverse. It happens when I ride bike in very low RPM.

Another problem appeared after about 5 hours, 2 stroke oil tank cracked. I thought it would all be great when do updating mapping, but I was wrong ! Bike is sometimes bogging in long uphills and its very easy to overheat with the cooling fan turned on what is very strange. I do not say it’s a bad bike, it can be very nice ridden in fast terrain and in hard enduro also. And its working good, but its too much sensitive with a lot of sensors. If the engine is overheated, it starts to bog and cuts power…

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