VIDEO. Alfredo Gomez, seriously injured during training session.

by Mos Paul 0

Bad news for the Husqvarna rider, Alfredo Gómez, who this morning, during training at his Superenduro circuit in Cercedilla, Madrid, has had a bad crash. As a result, his left leg has been injured: bone and ligament rupture.


Next to him were other official pilots Husqvarna (Colton Haaker, Billy Bolt) and KTM (Manuel Lettenbichler) who had stayed in Spain after the Superenduro World Championship in Malaga, held last weekend. And they thought to stay until the next appointment, also in Spain, on Saturday, March 3 in Bilbao.

As part of the training, some pilots had a friendly race in the superenduro circuit that Alfredo designed and built to train. A well-known path for him, in which he rides hours and hours. In a zone of logs, Alfredo Gomez leaves fired next to his motor after crossing the back wheel, after a blow of gas, with the bad fortune to support his left leg against the ground, before falling. He realizes, after falling that he has „broken” and communicates to all who attend him.

Transferred to the CEMTRO clinic in Madrid, the first tests speak of a very serious injury with all the broken ligaments, knee dislocation as well as a tibial plateau and fissured fibula. Tomorow is the surgery, we wish you a speedy recovery and to see you back on the bike, stronger than before!