VIDEO. 2018 Beta RR

by Mos Paul 0

Compared to the 2017 model year, a great deal of development has gone into both our two and
four-stroke engines which share a series of common innovations. As well as increasing performance,
these new features have shaved off about 1.7 kg from both versions:

 New clutch A total overhaul has developed a more compact and lighter weight clutch that
improves its scalability, precision and stability as operating temperatures change. This
solution also permits the use of a much more tapered external clutch cover, making the lines
even more graceful.

 Elimination of the kick-start: the incredible work put into making the electric starter more
reliable has allowed the kick-start lever to be removed, significantly reducing weight. Given
the engine arrangement, a kick-start can still be ordered as an option.

 New gear shifting selector system: improves the precision of the transmission eliminating
any possible uncertainties when shifting gears.

 New filter box: intense testing was done on the 4-stroke engine injection mapping and on
the 2-stroke engine timing advance curves to optimize output enabling the introduction of a
new filter box.
Furthermore, both the 2-stroke and the 4-stroke versions have been specially engineered for their
unique architectures. Specifically:

 New cylinder: improves performance in terms of torque and power output throughout the
rev range while keeping the response perfectly linear.
 Rounded piston and new cylinder head profile (300cc only): together with the new cylinder,
these increase engine performance and improve rolling at low rpms.
 Crankshaft: inertia values were revised to match the new features of the power unit and the
coupling axis reinforced in order to increase the stiffness of the whole structure.
 New connecting rod: revised in the top end so as to strengthen this area which is highly
 New centrifuge: with an increased diameter of spheres to better adapt to the new primary
drive ratio, ensuring better power delivery.
 New combustion chamber (250cc only): thanks to a slight increase in compression ratio, an
upgrade in performance was possible.

 EFI with dual injectors: The introduction of dual injectors allows the application of dedicated
maps for each engine displacement in order to increase engine performance (particularly in
the middle and high rpm) and to increase mixture control which subsequently increases

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