Sector Enduro Serbia – Open season for Hard Enduro!!

Season was opened successfully with four groups from Belarus, Russia and UK. Guys from BLR were intermediate and advanced enduro riders, so we tried some difficult tracks and connections, some of them even under wet snow on altitudes above 1200 m J  As they were preparing for BLR enduro championship, we were riding open to close every day – it was about 8 or 9 hours of sport permanent Sector Enduro Serbia treatment.

Next two groups from Russia were intermediate groups but without racing ambitions, so they saw many hidden places on Tara Mountain – like ancient Monasteries, distant mountain cabins and authentic households. We had and unexpected checkpoint on some long uphill – we were kindly asked by 85 year old local native Milivoj to ride around that loved uphill because of his cattle been frighten since we’ve been riding there. After we had made agreement, we ended up in his house with a bottle of homemade amassing brandy and traditional coffee. Moreover, we were invited to his birthday at 6th July as a special guests! So everyone is welcome! Sector Enduro Serbia and Milivoj will organize that “event” together – traditional Serbian enduro birthday in Mountains.

Guy from UK some time ago actually became a guy from Serbia. It turned out that after few times with Sector Enduro, he decided to move to Serbia. We worked out schedule – every morning warm up, obstacle riding practice and few more enduro exercises and only after that, we were out for track riding. So, his time he made a huge step forward in riding technique. „We had an excellent weather and riding. I’m thankful to all of them for clever riding and coming back.


Sector Enduro Serbia developed new offers led by experience – “School” and “Half Day Riding”.

School” is for those who want to learn it from scratch. Breakfast, body warm-up, adjusting the controls, body position on the bike in accelerating, braking and cornering, obstacle overcoming, uphills and downhills – that’s the day plan. Usually it takes 3,5 hours to suck all energy from “student”. But the feed-back is great because rider is been watched and corrected every second. After that treatment, rider feels his self totally different on the track – he will not only struggle on bike, but really have a fun by using gained knowledges.

Half Day Tours” are included in our offers for those who feel that 3,5 – 4 hours on the bike is enough. Usually they want to spend the rest of the day and energy on some hanging around with family and having a fun on Tara, Zlatibor ot Mokra Gora. The prices are corrected accordingly.

Also, we’ve arranged some special offers with our accommodation partners and restaurants.