Marco Caribotti introduces the new and very innovative Goldentyre FTS System

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Marco Caribotti introduces the new and very innovative FTS System thought, designed and accomplished by Goldentyre. He does explain how this new system works and how it succeds to make the life easier to every rider! This absolute newness, the result of great job and dedication, is presented by its creator on number of points. Let’s discover them!

What does FTS mean?

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It is an acronym that means: Flite Tubeless System. For the first time, a tubeless that actually works.

How is the FTS made?

FTS is a Goldentyre patent. The tire has a membrane that holds off the air and a puncture resistant material applied in the tire, which makes it tubeless.

Is this not just a tire with a FTS membrane applied?

NO way. This is a tire with a different structure and a cut resistant system inserted into the frame. In fact, this prevents 80% of punctures, so making it a reinforced tire.

What are the main benefits compared to a tire with an inner tube?

FTS is the dream of bringing the tubeless system to off-road use. In fact, you can use low pressure tires without risking snake bites, the two most common holes caused by the rim when the bike lands after big jumps or hits an obstacle with force. In addition, this tire has a weight similar to ones with reinforced inner tubes. It dynamically avoids the friction normally present between the tire and the inner tube. Our tests show the operating temperature is reduced by 35%.

What are the advantages compared to the mousse?

Mousse has many advantages, but you can’t adjust it to the various situations. If we use our Enduro motorcycle in a motocross track, either you ruin the mousse or risk destroying it after a few laps. If the conditions change suddenly due to rain, we can find ourselves with an over inflated tire. However, with FTS you can reduce the pressure and optimize riding to the most different situations. Another added advantage compared to the mousse are reduction of problems common to motocross or rally raid, where due to high temperatures and speeds, the mousses are often damaged.

Why should I choose FTS when there’s so many other systems on the market?

First of all, simplicity and reliability. In fact, every time you replace the tire, a completely new system is used, as the FTS tire is specially designed for this use. In any case, speaking personally, I feel the biggest difference is in the fitting. The FTS tire is much easier to mount than an inner tube.

What are the major applications for this system?

I honestly believe this can be a real revolution. This new system will certainly become widespread across all sports that need an inner tube as it provides an extreme advantage. Once tried, I’m sure that even enduro motorcyclists will convert to this system.

Even in racing?

I’d say especially in racing, and motocross goes without saying as the benefits are obvious. In terms of a rally or even an Enduro race, think how much difference an over “inflated” tire can provide. Imagine being able to compete with just 0.6 pressure, or being able to always ride at a constant pressure during rallies. In current rallying, the mousse has a pressure equivalent to 0.8 bar. During specials you can find tires above 1.3/1.5, which results in damage to the mousse and even the tires themselves.

Have you carried out any tests?

Of course, we even took part in some Enduro, moto rally and motocross races using prototypes, without ever any problems, only advantages.

Let’s talk about the drawbacks though. For example, people used to mousses and the fear of punctures. This is understandable in riders, so how we can further reduce the risks?

As I said already, the tire has a reinforced structure that makes it extremely durable. It drastically reduces the normal disadvantages of off-road use. For the more skeptical among us, it is possible to use anti-puncture liquids, which is a good method to further lower risks. In fact, today, there’s some incredible products on the market that can seals cuts or punctures bigger than one centimeter.

If despite everything, you still get a puncture, how can you solve the problem?

A standard kit to hand, there’s plenty on the market, the same ones used on cars, scooters and normal bikes will allow you to solve the problem.

What care do you need to take when using a FTS tire?

Basically, you need good quality rim locks. If you’re using very low tire pressures, (0.5/0.7 bar) I recommend using a second rim lock.

What models will be available and when?

Starting in May, we will manufacture our main racing tires using this system. Across our sales network, the first models will be available, shortly followed by our entire racing range.

Last question, during the previous year you developed a mousse, which is now universally considered a reference point for the entire market. Why did you make this choice? In fact, the FTS is a system that competes with mousses.

Over the last two years, we’ve carried out several projects. The G-mousse project was very challenging and expensive but it finally allowed us to produce a world class product. We are a company that doesn’t wish to follow others but wants to be a valid alternative to the mediocre products featured on the market. When you buy Goldentyre, you now purchase a product designed to be a winner that has nothing to do with the past. FTS is the most striking example, we are passionate fans and we like to use our products. We like to choose. Currently, the Goldentyre product is an option. Let’s not forget that Goldentyre is the only company in the industry that personally assists its customers around the world. Our champions are the users who drive off-road on Sunday, with the same passion we put into making our products.

A very last thing, there are rumors that bicycle tires are also coming soon, when can we expect them?

It is more than rumors now. From June, it shall be a reality, and a product catalog is already available. Next up is the MTB and street bike world. We are creating something incredible by using modern and innovative products.

So mousses even for MTB?

Ah! We’ll talk about that next time!

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