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Hard Enduro Series Germany expands – 7 events in the 2019 season!

by Mos Paul 0

On 30.03. the HardEnduroSeries Germany starts into its second season. With 7 events there will be 3 more like in 2018, spread all over Germany.

With 200 registered riders from 6 nations so far, the field of riders is already as well positioned as in the debut season. 8 riders from last year’s Top10 are already registered again. This proves that the concept works out because with entry fees of around 50 Euros the series is easy to handle for

Registrations open: www.hardenduro-germany.de

As new events Vellahn on 11.08. and Hamma (01.09.) come new into the program.

Dates 2019

  1. 30.03. Federal-Mogul Extreme Enduro Neuhaus-Schierschnitz
  2. 18/19/05 Heaven or Hell Extreme Enduro Crimmitschau
  3. 11.08. 1st Vellahner ADAC HardEnduro
  4. 24.08. ESX Neugattersleben
  5. 30.08./01.09. Vineyard Extrem Enduro Hamma
  6. 15.09. MelzExdrähm Meltewitz
  7. 19.10. 2nd Isegrim Enduro Schwepnitz

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