FREE Funnel Web Air Filter from CARAPAKS!! Find here how you will get one! is giving away a FREE FunnelWeb Air Filter for your dirtbike. Here are the steps to have one:

For any order of a CARAPAKS skid plate and pipe guard you will get a FREE FunnelWeb Air filter for your dirtbike, just use ZONA ENDURO coupon at your online order!

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The FunnelWeb’s profile cut foam effectively doubles the filters external surface area, without increasing the filters original size, enabling it to trap and hold far more dust on the outer surface meaning more protection to the engine while maintaining optimal airflow and extending filter service intervals.

BONUS!! If you use the ZONA ENDURO coupon you will get also a 20% DISCOUNT for footpegs, radiator guards, front and rear disk guards and foldable levers! MORE than that, you will have another 10 EURO discount for shipping!

The new design of Carapaks skid plates and pipe guard is made specially to not hold the dirt inside and made for a good air flow to avoid engine to overheat.  Is made from tough and also in the same time light aluminum.

Get your bike ready for adventure on!