Dani Gibert closes the SuperEnduro World Championship with a sixth place in the final round in France

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Sixth place finish for the Gas Gas rider in this last race on the calendar, held in Cahors, France. DaniGibert ends the World Championship in eighth place overall after season with a shoulder injury he suffered in Finland and that prevented the Barcelona rider from getting better finishes.

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Dani Gibert closes his participation in the SuperEnduro World Championship with a sixth place in the French GPAfter his good performance in this last race on the calendarthe Gas Gas rider concludes the world championship in eighth place overall.

In Cahors, it was a final round marked by the narrowness of the track and its technical demands. Gibert was ranked in tenth position during trainingA handicap’ for the Gas Gas rider at the starts, being relegated to thesecond rowIn the first final, Gibert did not find the rhythm and was hampered by several riders, finishing in eighth position. While in the secondthe Gas Gas rider finished in the same position despite starting from the first rowovershadowed by a clash in the area of stones. Finally, in the third and final seriesDani Gibert was able to demonstrate his potential, climbing to fifth place and closing his participation in the last race of the season with a sixth place overall after the computation of the results.

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Gibert finishes the World Championship season in eighth place, a result shadowed by the injury he suffered in the GP of Finland and followed by his participation, with little recovery time, in the consecutive GP races in Mexico and Brazil.

Dani Gibert: This has been one of the most technical races in the championship. The venue was very small and with a narrow track, exploited to the full. A thing to my favor, but at times during qualifying, I have not ran as I expected, I have not been very comfortable and I finished tenth, which has hurt us because we had to start from the second row on all finals except in the second. In the first round I could only finish eighth. I could not find a good pace, and had many riders that I could not pass. It was a very narrow, very tiring and demanding track and I have done everything I could. In the second I finished eighth despite starting on the front row. I have had to go on the outside and in the area of ​​stones, I have been thrown off the track, which has forced me to remount. Finally, the third round was my best finish. I have gone from less to more as they say. Started from the second row and yet, I could do a good race and climb to fifth place, leaving me with a good feeling. We finished with a sixth place in France, a good way to close the championship. Finally ending up eighth in the world ranking, a shame after Finland where I was injured and could not score any points. However, I am happy and hope it goes better next year.”

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