BREAKING NEWS!! Graham Jarvis has no bike for ERZBERG!

by Mos Paul 0

Incredible news coming from Husqvarna Factory just before the infamous race, Erzberg in Einserez – Austria. Graham Jarvis is scolded by the big Dirt Bike manufacturer for bending the exhaust!!

It is not acceptable for us!” said Husqvarna Factory Team manager. “After 3 generations of dirt bikes we have put on the market, our rider has bent the exhaust! We are low on the budget because we are used to having the bike scratch free after every race Graham is doing! We also turned down all dirt bike protection manufacturers and now this… it’s unacceptable!

It’s a big event for me! Finally, I have some work to do! With Graham as a rider I started to be just the water boy, he never broke the bike in a race or in a practice session, not even a scratch! Now is my time to shine!” said Graham Jarvis’s mechanic, Damo.

This article was a joke or a bad joke… We know Graham is human too but was funny to see that the GOD of HARD ENDURO is still a human and yes he has the best mechanic in the World with him, at every race! If you want to write stuff like take slap that share button!

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