Bikes of SuperEnduro – Timo Bergmann’s privateer ride

by Mos Paul 0

We all dream for sure to have a factory bike, but here’s a few advices about how you can transform your ride with minimum costs and race in FIM SuperEnduro World series and Hard Enduro races with no problems.

First of all we had to make sure our engine is in best condition, then the first thing to do is suspension. Master Bike Cluj made for us a nice setup for SuperEnduro and another one for Hard Enduro using the stock forks and shock from our 2015 KTM EXC.

Next we had to make sure the vital parts of the bike are protected. MXG Parts made for us custom Enduro Engineering aluminium handguards and radiator guards. The most exposed is the 2 stroke exhaust, that we had covered with an carbon protection for its lightness. Bash plate is a must in Hard Enduro, we have an 5mm aluminium one from EE. Also the the rear disc brake is protected with aluminium shark fin from Enduro Engineering. MXG Parts also made for us custom triple clamps for a real feel of the suspension.

To be visible on the track and in paddoks we have awesome custom graphics made by Lets Ride Graphics and our riding gear is provided by Manfroni Sports. The bike is beeing kept in shiny condition by P.O.W. 

By the end chose a set of tyres and mouses for race conditions. We run Mitas EF-07 Green in the back with a Meffo Mouse and a Mitas C-19 Yellow in the front provided by Chemtrades.

As you can see, we do not spent lots of money in bling blings, just on essential parts that will help you during a race. What we didn’t say above, you will need a radiator fan for extreme races and that’s it, spend all your money on gas and train hard!

Lets Ride Graphics - Custom Decals